Personalized Coverage for You

Personalized Coverage for you 

Keeping what matters most to you, safe and secure.

Insurance is complicated, but you can find out everything you need to know from a professional insurance advisor. You’ll learn about the products that protect you every day and the available coverage that you might not be taking advantage of right now.

We help find the right insurance products for you and your family, or your small business, to meet your unique coverage needs. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an experience that is very hard to find anywhere else in the marketplace.

Protection You Need. Advice You Can Trust

Do you want to start protecting yourself and your family? You can do it now! We are focused on finding the most suitable insurance carrier for you based on your needs, budget, and personal preferences. We’ve got the ability and connections to make insuring just about anything easy for you.

Health and Life Insurance Solutions

A trusted source of advice and insurance solutions that protect what matters most.

Employee Benefit Solutions

Improve retention and job satisfaction with the right benefits package.

Who We Are

Tanya Garza Insurance Advisors is a family-owned independent insurance agency. We’re here to protect you from the unexpected, plan for the predictable, and make sure that when you least expect it, everything is right in front of you. Whether you are looking for life, or health insurance, we do the insurance shopping and comparing for you to save you time and money.

We’ve Got You Covered

You will find insurance plans for the entire family to help cover serious medical emergencies. We can help you save on doctor visits, low-cost prescription medication, and preventative health services.

Receive a Health Insurance Quote

To receive a health insurance quote, fill out the information and we’ll get back to you right away with quoted coverage options for your consideration

We do not offer every plan in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options

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